The flow of working together


Health and wellbeing transformation works best when both mind and body are supported. 

Expect a highly-personalised, attentive and collaborative approach to your health, combining nutritional therapy expertise with wellbeing coaching. 

Here’s the flow…


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1 - Let's learn about you

Prior to your first consultation (up to 2 hrs) you will receive a food diary log, a health questionnaire and a coaching needs questionnaire.

As my work begins before our first meeting, this helps me get the full picture, and start to understand the factors which may contributing to your health situation.  It is also part and parcel of raising your own self-awareness - the first step towards positive change.

Part of your first personal consultation will be spent reviewing your health history, your thoughts and emotions, your dietary habits and current lifestyle, as well as establishing a clear understanding of your personal vision for your ideal health and wellbeing, and setting some achievable, inspiring goals or benchmarks.

2 - Collaboratively designing a recipe for your success

My holistic approach helps identify and bring awareness to the root causes of challenges around gut health, mood, energy levels, stubborn weight loss or other health complaints. It’s only by getting the root causes of problems, whether they be physical, emotional, mental, practical or motivational, that we’ll achieve the shifts in your health or wellbeing that you deserve.

Unless the intervention of a more vigilant short-term therapeutic diet is required to help you rebalance your health or address a specific condition, my approach to diet and lifestyle adjustments is usually an iterative process that is designed to ease you into positive new habits and develop your personal confidence in your innate wisdom around your body and making intuitive, nourishing choices. This is how you will get you the results you desire during the time we work together and beyond.

This means I won't be providing pre-prepared highly-prescriptive, restrictive, unachievable or short-term diet plans. Instead, you will learn the principles you need to adopt for your short and long term success, discover exactly how to apply those principles in the context of your own daily life, and find solutions when blocks are encountered.

This way we build together an inspiring and flexible custom eating plan - which will be beautifully backed-up with fast and delicious meal ideas and seasonal recipes that you will love. This will be complemented with actionable guidance on mind-body practices or habits to support your broader wellbeing. If required, a personalised supplement plan will be available too.

3 - Supporting your progress for long-term success

In subsequent consultations (c. 45 mins) we will review your progress, and continue to fine-tune or build upon your food, nutrition and lifestyle choices according to your needs and situation at the time. And I will continue to deliver all the insight, tools and support you need to help keep motivation flowing and confidence growing.

Once you start feeling brighter, lighter and full of vitality, I know you won't look back. 



Consultations may be held face-to-face, or through my online clinic via phone, Skype or FaceTime, to suit your convenience, all with support available via email or text in-between. 

We will discuss the type and frequency of support you require during our early conversations, to ensure your package of support will best suit your health goals as well as your availability. 

Some materials and booklets may be provided digitally and others in printed format.