Mind-Body Wellness Reset

Retreat in Kalkan, Turkey
8am - 7.30pm, 9-13th October 2019

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Sarah Grant, Gut Reaction’s nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach, and mindful Hatha Yoga teacher of Prittie Yoga, Em Perrier, will be leading an uplifting wellness retreat this October to help you reset your body and mind, and nourish your natural energy centres. 

We invite residents and holiday-makers of Kalkan and Kas to immerse yourself in our colourful, inspiring and empowering programme that will help you discover how to harness the power of your chakras to help you replenish your energy levels and optimise your mind and body wellbeing during the retreat and beyond.

Our retreat includes a unique blend of wellbeing support, nutritional education and chakra-based Yoga practices to help you retune your focus back into wellness habits - all set within a magical resort hotel on Turkey’s much-loved Aegean coast.

Patara Prince

Our retreat is based at Patara Prince, a charming resort hotel nestled into the coast just across the bay from Kalkan. Designed and owned by an architect, you will fall in love with its natural stone, abundant greenery and character-full winding pathways. Patara is far enough from the town to enjoy absolute serenity and peace, but just a 15-minute walk or short boat ride for explorers.

The Patara Prince vibe is mellow and comfortable, intimate yet very spacious with plenty of areas in which to lose yourself and enjoy those much needed quiet moments and ‘you time’.

Bask in the sunshine, jump into pure and healing sea water, enjoy either of Patara’s inviting swimming pools, read a book or meditate on the shady bougainvillea-lined terraces, have a relaxing massage, watch the sun set and rise across the water… Close your eyes, breathe and just be….

your retreat includes

  • A personalised assessment of your wellbeing through the lens of the chakras, and an individual wellbeing consultation with Sarah to review your results and identify the areas where you could create more balance and focus during the retreat

  • Two daily mindful Hatha Yoga classes, appropriate for all abilities, which will take you on a renewing journey to rebalancing your chakras

  • Daily meditation and self-healing visualisations to rejuvenate and reconnect you with your intuition

  • Two daily nutrition and wellbeing workshops to learn about the seven aspects of your health and wellbeing and help you reconnect with your physical, mental and spiritual need for nutritious food and nourishing eating experiences during the retreat and for the long-term

  • Healthy cooking workshop

  • Ready access to friendly, expert advice and support through-out your retreat

  • Locally sourced, nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks with a vegetarian focus, to gently cleanse and nourish your body. Soft drinks and waters

  • Daily activities including beach walks and an optional food market trip

  • A 40-minute Turkish Hamam Ritual at the onsite spa

  • A goody bag with natural product samples courtesy of Reboot health store, Sunningdale, UK

Please note: Flights/travel, accommodation, evening meals and yoga mats are not included. Limited places are available on a first come first serve basis.


£650 per person.

£300 to secure your place. The remainder of your balance is due 1st September ‘19.


daily programme

9th October

Arrive from 14:00
Relax by the pool, afternoon snack and teas / 1:1 wellbeing sessions
18.00 - Yoga nidra
19:30 - home time

10th-12th October

08.00 - chakra Yoga and meditation
09.30 - juice and light breakfast
10.00 - me-time / 1:1 wellbeing sessions / optional excursions
12.00 - nutrition and wellbeing workshops
13.00 - lunchtime
14.00  - me-time /1:1 wellbeing sessions / treatments & therapies
17.00 - nutrition and wellbeing workshops
18.00 - evening chakra Yoga and meditation
19.30 - home time

13th October

08.00 - chakra Yoga and meditation
09.30 - juice and light breakfast
10.00 - nutrition and wellbeing workshop
11.00 - departures


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Meet the team


Sarah Grant, nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach

I’m a firm believer that when we provide the nourishment our body and mind really needs, it’s not just our health than benefits, but our self-esteem, sense of wellbeing and overall enjoyment of life.

With a history of gut problems myself, I made the connection between my health and my daily diet over ten years ago, and this set me on a life-altering course including discovering a career I love! My passion in life is helping people discover the power of good food, nutrition and nourishing lifestyle habits, and foster a healthy, intuitive mindset around food and their bodies.

I believe that ancient systems of health and modern nutritional science have plenty to learn from each other, and that’s why I trained in a revolutionary approach to health and healing called Food & Spirit™ which is based on the seven chakras fused with functional medicine and the latest nutritional research. Integrating Food & Spirit™ into our retreat, Em and I will take you on a holistic, personal wellness journey to re-energise your chakras and empower you with nutritional and wellbeing wisdom to take home too.

I truly adore the Turkish lifestyle and food, and Patara Prince is a gem. I can’t wait to welcome you there.

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Em Perrier, mindful Hatha Yoga

Teaching Yoga brings me such joy and happiness I feel absolutely blessed to be able to do what I do. Our body and mind is constantly changing, especially in this ever increasingly busy world, that I love to be able to bring people back to the here and now with serene mindful Hatha Yoga practices.

Creating Yoga practices based on each chakra is really interesting and fun way for us to check in with our intentions, ourselves and see how we are doing. It allows the different energy pathways to open and flow more easily which allows us to explore our mind, body and soul in each practice. It can be a great way to help with our life journey and make sure that we’re on the right path. It provides asanas and pranayama to support us where we need it. 

During this retreat I will combine chakra-based Yoga with bioenergetic techniques making the practice a beautiful balance between the inner and outer world. It embraces the chakras as a profound path to divine awakening to our own inner temple, which, at the root of it, is what Yoga has always been about.

 It’s so exciting to be working with Sarah to bring the nutritional side of chakra nourishment to the physical, energetic and spiritual side. It will be a beautiful immersion and we know you will love the journey.

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