The 3-Day Digestion Vacation

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Your free 3-Day Digestion Vacation

Still feeling full-up from the Christmas hols? Been away and over-indulged? Heading-off on hol soon and want to go away with a little more body confidence? 

Wherever you are in the world, take a mini-break from processed food and common gut irritants and start to feel a difference in just three days. 

A team of scientists proved that altering one’s diet can produce remarkable changes in the state of the gut microbiome; by day three, participants had not only increased the numbers of bacteria in the gut, but also increased the diversity of that bacteria. The short of it is: if we drastically change our diet, it may be possible to drastically (and quickly) change our gut health.

This is a quick, simple plan to help you give your gut a rest and kickstart a nutritious, wholesome way of eating which supports:

  • better digestion

  • less bloating, cramping

  • normalised bowel movements

  • a clearer head

  • more energy

  • improved skin


What's included:

  • 3-days of yummy ‘whole food’ breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that will leave you with a real taste for nourishing foods

  • A digestion rescue assessment

  • A tummy massage guide

  • A detoxing smoothie and juice guide

  • A cleansing and detoxing tea guide

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Do be aware that while we can all significantly improve our gut health in three days, maintaining (and continuing to improve it) are just as important.

Many find it challenging to embed new daily eating habits and, if you need further support I would be keen to help you ensure longer term success. So once you've finished your 3-Day Digestion Vacation, please email me with your feedback on the plan to enjoy 10% off any of Gut Reaction's services or tests.