Food & Spirit™ programmes

There are seven systems of health which help define our bodies and our lives.

There are seven systems of health which help define our bodies and our lives.

Food & Spirit™ is for you if you are ready

  • Heal your body, lose weight, and raise your energy

  • Elevate your mood and emotional wellness

  • Let your relationship with food flourish

  • Lead a balanced lifestyle that you love

  • Live every day more intuitively, confidently and vibrantly


Launching April 2019:
total mind-body-spirit health and nutrition programmes

Fusing the seven Chakra systems, functional medicine, food, lifestyle and colour into a holistic, science-based framework, Food & Spirit™ promises a personalised voyage of self-discovery and transformation.

Exploring your ‘whole self’ through the lens of Food & Spirit™ will bring fresh insight and awareness to the underlying causes of your health or weight challenges, enabling you to break through barriers in multiple aspects of your life and wellbeing, and empowering you to intuitively make the personal food and lifestyle choices that best nourish your physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual self.

The Food & Spirit™ methodology for personalised lifestyle medicine was devised by internationally recognised nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, Dr Deanna Minich, with whom I’m currently training.

What I’ve learned is enlightening and powerful and I’m excited to be offering my own programmes, integrating her framework and tools, to both individuals and groups from April 2019.

If you would like to talk to me to find out more, or register your interest, please get in touch: