Why wellbeing coaching


It takes Guts to make life changes.

If you're ready to prioritise your health and wellbeing, but need help bridging the gap between thinking about it and 'doing' it, then partnering with me for wellbeing coaching will empower you to take charge in an intuitive, holistic and sustainable way.

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Eating great food. Having more energy. Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight for you. Feeling happier and healthier. This is all possible.

The premise of wellbeing coaching is that YOU hold the answers to fulfilling your own health potential. As your coach, I am simply there to give you a helping hand, to help you see things from different perspectives, learn from past mistakes and tap into your own intuition and resourcefulness.

Coaching is empowering and powerful - and that is why I’ve integrated it into my nutrition practice, drawing on techniques from NLP, CNT, ACT and other mind-body medicine practices gained through my coaching trainings with Zest4Life, London Centre for Intuitive Eating, and Food & Spirit™.  


I believe that much of what we do on a daily basis, including how we eat, is largely habit-based - simply learned behaviour that has become ingrained over time. Habits are the little things we do everyday which become our systems for living, the sum of which determine our quality of life.

Even unhealthy thoughts and emotional responses may become habitual reactions which can keep us stuck in old ways. 

The good news is habits can be re-wired. It is widely recognised that we require three weeks to break a habit, six weeks to build a new habit, and 36 weeks to embed a lifestyle change, so that it becomes second nature. 

I believe the most effective way to improve a person's life is to help them discover and ingrain powerful new practices which enable them to live life to the fullest. 


The significance of the gut in my philosophy of wellbeing extends beyond the workings of the gastrointestinal system.

The gut is also becoming widely acknowledged as the 'second brain' as the extraordinary gut-brain connection (a two-way communication axis) becomes better understood in Western science. Furthermore, in traditional medicine systems, the gut is considered to be the seat of our intuition and emotions. 

So, if, in the process of learning to nourish your body and digestive system, you can also learn to manage your mindset, and reconnect with your emotions, then you have a powerful toolbox for lasting change to your health and wellbeing. 

Take a moment to consider the power of the mind. You may not realise it yet, but we all have the ability to listen our own thoughts and decide whether they are actually working for us or not.

Why is it important to choose what we think? Because our thoughts (all 60,000 per day) about the events, facts or circumstances in our life, create running stories in our heads which tend to spur our feelings and emotions, impact our self-image and drive the actions we take - which in turn determine our outcomes in life and health.

Many people try to spark changes by launching into changing their actions.  For example, if the goal is to lose weight, a common action is to jump into a quick-fix faddy diet, or exercise hard for a short time, or both. Those actions may drive an outcome - but what people may not have acknowledged is the harboured thoughts and beliefs which led them to overeat or make poor choices around food to begin with. 

Understanding your mind enables you to rewrite the language around thoughts and self-beliefs and transform them into positive, motivating stories which support enduring diet and lifestyle change. 

What’s more, our thoughts and emotions may not only impact our choices and behaviour, but increasingly evidence shows that changes in our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can bring about changes in our physical health and well-being too. 

Mounting evidence for the role of the mind in disease and healing is leading to a greater acceptance of mind–body medicine, and this is an area of increasingly relevance to my practice too.

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Good nutrition is fundamental to supporting a healthy body, but we are nourished by so much more than the food we eat alone. I believe that all parts of ourselves - including the mind, emotions and spiritual aspects, as well as the physical - are all interconnected and work together to support our immune system, keep us in good shape and with a zest for life.

This is why I trained in Food & Spirit™, a revolutionary approach to health based on a seven chakra framework, and fusing the wisdom of ancient healing traditions with science-based functional medicine and the latest nutritional research.

So working with me, you not only get the right nutrition guidance - but you also discover how to connect with other aspects of your lifestyle that work towards helping your ‘whole self’ feel nourished, vibrant and resilient.

Health really is a 'whole-life' experience and in turn results may extend beyond your physical health alone.

When life is working well for my clients and they have a positive mindset, they feel set to achieve any goal they take on.

YOUR SPACE, YOur results

I appreciate it can take some guts to start to make diet and lifestyle changes, and that’s why I’m passionate about ensuring that everyone who partners with me to improve their health, wellbeing or weight, feels attentively supported and has a safe space in which they are listened to intently, understood, gently challenged, as well as held accountable.

By developing your confidence, commitment and motivation, you will achieve and maintain the results you desire and deserve.

My coaching space will enable you to:

  • Crystallise a clear, inspiring vision for your success and distil your personal health goals

  • Connect with your strengths, discover what really motivates you and what values you herald as important in your life

  • Identify and find solutions to overcome ‘blind spots’ or personal barriers to change that may have previously held you back from achieving what you want or kept you stuck in repeating patterns or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Potential barriers may physical, emotional, motivational or practical

  • Cultivate your sense of self-belief and transform negative or limiting beliefs that may have impacted your confidence or your relationship with food

  • Regularly set manageable, meaningful intentions

  • Activate a 'resourceful state of being' whereby you feel empowered and inspired to take action, and continue to take action to protect the practices that help you fulfil your own health potential and move you towards your goals.