Why it takes Guts


What if the secret to a nourished body, vibrant health, a good mood, a balanced weight and an intuitive relationship with food, lies in your 'gut'?


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I believe in taking a mind-body approach to supporting health, wellbeing and creating nourishing habits and, for me, there is no better place to start than the gut. At the core of physical health, a scientifically-proven influencer of mental wellbeing, and as the seat of our inner wisdom and emotions, here’s why it takes guts to make life changes:


Ever heard the saying trust your Gut? Or it's a Gut feeling?

Researchers have determined that the enteric nervous system in the gut is constantly providing information to our brains regarding our nutritional needs. The body, and in particular the gut, is actually very clever at giving us signals about its general health and what it needs.

But, most of us learn to eat by listening to messages coming from outside of ourselves - messages from parents, teachers, friends, media-driven health claims and marketing ploys whether they be about processed foods or so called diet foods. Not all these messages are helpful when we are forming healthy eating habits. And, sometimes, certain emotions, situations or events can also throw our ability to trust our intuition around food including how, what and when to eat.

What's more, emotions like shame, anger and fear can affect our capacity for digestion. They are called "gut feelings" for a reason - and we can work through them so that they work for us not against us.

So whilst it may seem all too easy to overlook, or override, the messages that your body is telling you, sometimes, we just to need to make space to listen and reconnect with our own inner source of wisdom: our intuition.

A large part of my role is to educate you to make informed diet and lifestyle choices, but I also believe lasting, enjoyable eating habits depend on you developing an authentic, intuitive relationship with your body and with food - and I'd love to show you how. 

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Nourish your Gut

As digestive function is the primary supporter of all other physical systems in the body, it is my belief that a healthy gut is the foundation for optimal health as well as disease prevention.

"The GI system is the primary gateway by which the external environment interacts with the body” - Tom Sult, 2006"

You are not only what you eat, but what you digest, absorb, assimilate and excrete too. That is why I prioritise gastrointestinal health in my practice and work to support optimal function in all my clients.

Furthermore, a burgeoning body of scientific research into the gut microbiome - the complex microbial ecosystem living inside the gastrointestinal tract - is closely linked with many dimensions of health from immunity to metabolism to mental wellbeing. 

Digestive problems may include Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), intolerable bloating, irregular bowel habits, intestinal permeability or acid reflux, but some symptoms of a gut disorder can show up outside of the gut itself manifesting as seemingly unrelated signs such as joint pain, brain fog, mood swings, anemia, unexplained weight gain, troubled skin, fatigue and headaches. 

At Gut Reaction, I will assess potential factors undermining your gut health and, as appropriate, incorporate nourishing, gut-supportive foods and other nutritional and lifestyle practices in your personalised programme in order to help you address any stressors, restore balance, optimise digestive function and lift your overall health potential in the process.