Each programme will be personally tailored and delivered step-by-step to ensure that all the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your unique needs, lifestyle and goals.

Support is available from £175 to £1,500 depending on the level and intensity of support you require.


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You are in general good health and fitness, and are ready to up your inner game - to promote a healthy, youthful appearance and optimise your health, wellbeing and energy levels in order to perform at your best at work and play, now and for the future.

Your health goals

You may already highly value a healthy lifestyle and your aim is to supercharge the quality of your diet and maximise your daily habits in order to advance your health, strengthen and streamline your body and carry a radiant glow from the inside-out.

You wish to stay well, resilient, and slow-down the ageing process.

Working together 

We will start with a full review of your existing diet and natural supplements to ensure that you really are maintaining a fully balanced approach that supports peak physical condition, as well as helps future-proof your wellbeing. 

As part of this work, we may utilise state-of-the-art clinical tests, such as an Optimum Nutrition Evaluation or genetic profiling, to help you get a deeper insight into your own body's requirements.

And, we will use this information to refine your daily diet and incorporate advanced nutritional strategies accordingly to help you meet your specific goals and address any personal health niggles.

For example, if your skin condition is letting you down, it may be time to pay extra attention to your digestion or nutrient levels.

I believe outer beauty starts with inner health. You will learn how to easily incorporate into your daily routine the foods and nutrients that will nourish and nurture your gut, optimise the condition of your skin, as well as keep you slim.

Other elements we may include in your plan including optimal meal timing, time-restricted eating, detoxification strategies, mindful eating, and the cleanest ways to prepare and store food.

And, your daily lifestyle habits will be reviewed to help ensure they are all on point, and contributing to your overall wellbeing and not detracting. This includes sleep hygiene, rest and relaxation, personal fitness, and your beauty and skincare regime. Taking a holistic approach, we will also consider the impact of your emotional wellbeing and stress management so you can take steps to address any weak areas identified.

Examples of recommended tests we may consider

Comprehensive nutri-genetic testing and DNA-based eating plans to support short-term and long-term health and weight management; Optimal Nutrition Evaluation for a full assessment of your personal nutrient requirements and an overview of gut health.