Unlock the secrets in your genetic code & access your body’s health potential


Your Reset programme will be personally tailored and delivered step-by-step to ensure that all the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your unique needs, lifestyle and goals.

Support is available from £395. 


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“I didn’t feel like you were trying to give me something off the shelf, you built something which worked with my limitations and around my lifestyle.”
— Lauren Bevan


Tap into your unique genetic information to discover what your body needs to achieve your health, wellness and weight goals, and have a powerful, personal DNA-based blueprint for life-long eating and lifestyle choices that help enable your body to thrive.


Support based on the latest in nutri-genetics can help people with a range of concerns or challenges around their health and weight:

  • You’re keen to optimise your physical health and support your long-term wellbeing

  • It could be that you experiencing stubborn weight loss, or if you are substantially overweight, perhaps your GP has warned you of risk factors for chronic disease

  • Or it may be that you’re contending with health concerns such as hormone imbalances, menopause, infertility or diabetes, which are driving you to take action around your health or weight.

Your health goals

You’re ready to take a proactive and scientific approach to your daily diet and lifestyle, and discover what your body is calling for to optimise your health, as well as find and maintain your natural healthy weight. You want to feel great in your body and enjoy a way of eating and living that works with your body’s natural tendencies and not against them.

Working together

Did you know that your genetics hold valuable information to provide you with a solid personal blueprint, helping you to make the best diet and lifestyle choices, for you, for life?

In the Reset programme, we access the unique information within you by profiling about forty genes that are well-understood and well-researched specifically in relation to weight, wellness and optimal health.

Your genes affect how you process what you eat, and whilst you can't change your genes per se, you can influence genetic expression through your food and lifestyle choices in order to lower your health risk and help you get the health outcomes you desire.

With this type of genetic testing we only assess the genes that influence issues that we can do something about - those that help you to understand your body and its personal tendencies, and how to work with them and not against them.  

Your DNA report includes your genotype results overlaid with a complete holistic assessment of the current factors impacting your personal gene expression. This makes the Reset an actionable and empowering process.

Tested and reported are genetic variants for:

  • food cravings

  • satiety

  • sugar metabolism

  • sensitivity to carbohydrates

  • fat over-absorption and sensitivity

  • detoxification ability

  • methylation function

  • oestrogen imbalance

  • inflammation

  • essential fatty acid pathways

  • caffeine sensitivity

  • lactose intolerance

  • gluten intolerance

  • requirements for vitamin D, vitamin B and folate, magnesium, glutathione and vitamin C, antioxidants and omegas.

Based on your results, I will provide full recommendations for lifestyle and nutrition including a DNA-based eating plan and supplement plan. And working with me, you will be well supported in learning how to adjust your eating and lifestyle habits and maintain a motivated, resourceful mindset for lifelong wellbeing.

Once you've reached your goals, easy access to my information and support services will help you stay on a sound path. A maintenance programme can be established to help you maintain commitment to your newly embedded eating and lifestyle habits.

Examples of ADDITIONAL recommended tests we may consider

  • Food Sensitivity panels to identify food-specific IgG antibodies associated with low grade systemic inflammation which may be contributing to weight gain

  • Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones)

  • Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones)

  • Cardiovascular health marker testing.

Next steps

If you think this is the type of support you’re looking for, please contact me to have an initial conversation about your health goals and personal requirements. Or, you may wish to download examples of package structures and pricing straight-away by completing your details below:

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