Your programme will be personally tailored and delivered step-by-step to ensure that all the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your unique needs, lifestyle and goals.

Support is available from £450 to £1,500 depending on the level and intensity of support you require and how much weight you need to lose. 


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You are out of shape and finding it difficult to manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable way. You may have felt stuck in the 'diet trap' for as long as you can remember and lost sight of what eating well really looks like. You may feel prone to over-eat or eat for emotional reasons. 

If you are substantially overweight, you may be contending with other health concerns such as hormone imbalances, infertility or conditions such as diabetes, which you're ready to get under control. 

Your health goals

It's time to feel lighter, brighter and more vibrant.

The average dieter follows 55 fad diets during their lifetime, at a staggering cost of £30,000.

You're ready to put an end to faddy regimes and yoyo dieting by taking a fresh approach managing your daily diet - that this time is personalised, holistic and sustainable.

You wish to lose weight and reduce body fat whilst simultaneously building back your body confidence, nurturing a more positive relationship with food, whilst creating lasting habits for life-long success. 

Working together

Being slim and healthy isn't about deprivation, so don't be daunted by the challenge ahead - with a simple, effective plan and the right support you can have the body you desire - and a lifestyle that you love.

We will focus on nourishment, of both body and mind, as the key to feeling balanced and energised, making your body feel strong and beautiful, uplifting your mood, as well as being paramount to long-term health.

Whether you you have a little weight to lose or a lot, working with me you'll benefit from:

  • a personalised weight management strategy which goes beyond nutrition alone, connecting your body, your mind and your lifestyle choices

  • access to all mind-body-nutrition tools you need to promote progressive weight-loss

  • being well-supported with regular nutrition guidance and accountability.

To help ensure your success both in the short and long-term, we will take a 'whole-self' perspective which will help you:

  • create a clear, motivational vision of what you want to achieve for your wellbeing and a roadmap of how to get there

  • identify and overcome any personal barriers, whether they be practical or emotional, which my have previously kept you stuck in unhealthy or unhelpful diet or lifestyle habits

  • develop a more intuitive relationship with food and with your body.

And by adopting a straight-forward, 'real food' approach, you will:

  • discover what really constitutes a balanced, nutritious, satisfying and tasty diet

  • receive quick, seasonal recipes which can be easily incorporated into daily life

  • learn about glycemic load and carbohydrates, and how eat to maintain blood sugar balance which is key to supporting your metabolism as well as long-term health

  • develop an understanding of which foods lead to weight gain, bloating, cravings, low energy, hormone imbalances and premature ageing.

Once you've reached your goals, easy access to my information and support services will help you stay on track. A maintenance programme can be established to help you maintain commitment to your newly embedded eating and lifestyle habits.

Examples of recommended tests we may consider

Nutri-genetic testing and DNA-based eating plans to help optimise health and manage weight; Food Sensitivity panels to identify food-specific IgG antibodies associated with low grade systemic inflammation which may be contributing to weight gain; Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones).