I offer three broad support programmes devised to address the major areas of concern for my clients. 

Each programme will be personally tailored and delivered step-by-step to ensure that all the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your unique needs, lifestyle and goals.

Support is available from £450 to £2,000 depending on the level and intensity of support you require over a 12-week period.


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Your health concerns: You are out of shape and finding it difficult to manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable way. You may have felt stuck in the 'diet trap' for as long as you can remember and lost sight of what eating well really looks like. You are in need of a fresh approach to managing your daily diet as well as regular support to help you overcome any personal barriers (practical or emotional) which my have previously kept you stuck in unhealthy or unhelpful habits. 

Your health goals: You wish to lose weight and reduce body fat whilst simultaneously building back your body confidence, nurturing a more positive relationship with food and creating lasting habits for life-long success. If you are substantially overweight or obese, you may be contending with other health concerns such as infertility or conditions such as diabetes which you're ready to get under control. 

By taking a 'real food' approach, you will learn about what really constitutes a balanced, nutritious, satisfying and tasty diet. And you will learn about glycemic load, carbohydrates and how eat to maintain blood sugar balance which is key to supporting your metabolism as well as long-term health, and you will develop an understanding of which foods lead to weight gain, cravings, low energy, hormone imbalances and premature ageing. 

Examples of recommended tests we may consider: Nutri-genetic testing and DNA-based eating plans to help optimise health and manage weight, Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones). 



Your health concerns: It may be that you have tolerated poor health for sometime, are fatigued or struggling with unresolved or chronic health complaints affecting your digestive system, your skin, energy levels, libido, hormone balance, cardiovascular health, sleep or immune system. Your busy or stressful lifestyle may have directly impacted your health and wellbeing, or your capacity to address signs and symptoms as they have emerged, or perhaps your GP has warned you of risk factors for chronic disease and you are ready to take stock. 

Your health goals: You want to reclaim your health and wellbeing, restore balance to your body and uplift your mood. You may also suspect modifiable diet and lifestyle factors may be contributing to physical reactions such as digestive discomfort, irregular bowel habits, acid reflux or gall bladder complaints, and are now ready to learn to nourish your body best for your personal needs through considered and manageable changes, so you can feel well and vital everyday. 

Examples of recommended tests we may consider:  Comprehensive Digestive Analysis and gut flora profiling to identify and support weaknesses in gastrointestinal health, Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones), Cardiovascular health marker testing, Food sensitivity and allergy panels, Hair mineral analysis to help identify toxicity and deficiency. 



Your health concerns: You are in general good health and want to ensure you continue to support your energy and wellbeing effectively, and perhaps have the break-through you need to reprioritise your healthy habits and ensure you are maintaining a fully balanced approach.

Your health goals: Your aim is to strengthen and streamline your body, feel in peak physical condition, and carry a radiant glow from the inside-out. You would like to focus on personalised nutrition and lifestyle strategies including the latest in gut health and nutri-genetics to help you stay well, resilient and slow down the ageing process - essentially optimising your health and wellbeing to perform at your best at work and play, now and for the future.

Examples of recommended tests we may consider: Comprehensive nutri-genetic testing and DNA-based eating plans to help optimise health, Optimal Nutrition Evaluation to develop understanding of personal nutrient requirements.