Personalised mind-body nutrition & wellbeing programmes


I offer the following broad support programmes, created to address the major areas of concern for my clients. However, your own programme is personally tailored, with a unique blend of advice and support to put the emphasis where you need it most.

Single personal Nutrition & Wellbeing Reviews are also available. All programmes are delivered on a one-to-one basis, in person or remotely. Please talk to me to discuss your needs.


Restore harmony to your digestive health and beyond

Restore balance to your gut, get relief from chronic digestive symptoms and reclaim your mind and body wellbeing through strategic, personalised nutrition and lifestyle medicine, and learning how to best nourish your gut for short and long-term health.


Unlock the secrets in your genetic code & access your health potential

Tap into your unique genetic information to discover what your body needs to achieve your health and wellness goals, and have a powerful, personal DNA-based blueprint for life-long eating and lifestyle choices that help enable your body to thrive.


Nourish your relationship with food & your body

Reconnect with a positive, healthy relationship with food, learn to listen to your innate body wisdom and improve your intuition around eating and lifestyle choices. This is a nourishing, transformative journey to a more confident, joyful relationship with food and your body.


Get your spark back & re-energise your life

Reignite your energy levels, get your glow back and improve your stress resilience with nutritional support and wellbeing coaching to help you better manage your personal energy resources for mind-body balance and success at work and play.