Happy Clients

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah, her knowledge, compassion, friendliness and caring approach to help make people better is outstanding.”
— S. Richards


What was life like for you before the Food & Spirit programme?

Before embarking on this journey of self-discovery with Sarah, I was experiencing a collection of underlying health issues that seemed to be steadily getting worse over a period of years. Despite visiting the GP, I felt that dealing with the root cause of a problem would be much more useful than simply addressing the symptoms in isolation.

I knew I needed to eat better & exercise more, knowing the importance of lifestyle choices is one thing but learning how to apply them in real life is altogether a different thing. I couldn’t seem to break through the barriers that were holding me back. I’d also faced some emotional challenges over a period of years, and these had naturally taken their toll on me in ways I hadn’t completely understood or addressed.

What results have you achieved that you are most happy about?

The opportunity to work with and learn from Sarah’s broad knowledge, to understand more deeply how to overcome my physical & emotional barriers has enabled me to make significant, meaningful & manageable changes in my life.

Understanding the interaction of the seven systems of health in more detail has enabled me to completely transform my approach to nourish my mind, body & soul so that I can live healthier and help those around me to do the same. I’ve developed a positive mindset & I hope to inspire others to gain an understanding of the importance of looking after our whole selves and to set a good example for my daughter to follow.

I feel proud and powerfully engaged with who I am, of the changes I’ve intuitively made and feel able to face the future in a calmer, healthier & more colourful way.

I have lost a significant amount of weight; I’ve managed to radically cut back on toxins in my diet, addressed underlying issues with alcohol and even detoxed how I clean my house!  

How would you describe the impact of this programme on your relationship with food and eating?

I’ve discovered a much more positive attitude and developed healthier habits that have helped me to establish lasting change. Eating the rainbow was a vague concept that I had heard of but hadn’t really engaged with or understood what it meant. With Sarah’s help & guidance I’m now fully conscious of what this means and I’m able to fully embrace it. 

Any other comments?

Sarah is the calmest, most empathetic person I have ever had the pleasure to meet; she creates a very safe & comfortable environment to work in and shows such a deep level of patience & understanding.

From my very first conversation with Sarah, the whole approach made complete sense – it felt like the clouds parted for me.

I feel that Sarah came into my life at a very critical point and gently helped me to navigate my way through a tricky time. Sarah is someone that I will return to time and again as I encounter different challenges in life. I genuinely feel that there is nothing that Sarah couldn’t help with!!  

Everyone should have Sarah in their life!

- Penny Macrae, Kingsclere, Hampshire



I am very happy I found Sarah!

4 years ago, I gave birth to a gorgeous pair of twins. But the pregnancy took a toll on my body. I started putting on a lot of weight and whatever I did, I could not shift it. I was depressed and hated my body. I even stopped being in the pictures with my kids because I hated the way I looked in them. On top of that, I was in pain all the time. I was bloated, almost everything I ate hurt me. I had a really bad relationship with food.

I tried all kind of diets and I also paid £1,000 to a private clinic for nutrition expertise and personal training. Nothing seemed to work, my weight was still going up. I was in a very bad place, both physically and mentally.

One day I finally decided to make one more effort and to find professional help. And I did, I found Sarah. She was very friendly and compassionate from our first session. She starting analyzing my eating habits and went deep into the details to understand the source of my pain. She firstly asked me to do some tests (the complete hormonal panel and a DNA test). When the results came back, it was absolutely clear: I was lactose intolerant. That was a huge blow for me as I mad for dairy. But Sarah helped me understand what I can and cannot eat, what the right amounts are and how to achieve a balance in my diet. She explained what my options are and what the healthy alternatives to dairy were.

With her support I lost 6 kg in the first month and another 5 in the following 2. When I started out with Sarah, I was size 14 going onto 16 and now I am size 10. I feel amazing, I started exercising again and I love looking at myself in the mirror. No point in saying I now show up in all my kids' pictures.

We did hit a few bumps on the way (before we got the test results), but Sarah would not give up on me and she supported me all the time. Anytime I needed some advice or someone to talk to, she was just a phone call / email away. I was a difficult and emotional journey, but it has changed me completely.

I think it is safe to say that I am where I am because of Sarah. She helped me love myself again and appreciate life!

Thank you Sarah, for changing my life!

- Cris Pirlea, Daventry



For most of my adult life I’ve been what I always described as “chunky”. I’m reasonably fit and exercise a lot, and over the years any attempts to “lose a few pounds” were generally half-hearted and always failed. They were always based on trying to exercise more rather than address my diet, probably because I rather enjoy eating and didn’t want to face having that curtailed.

I’ve now reached an age when looking after myself has become more of a priority, and the health risk indicators seem to mean more. So I decided to do something about it, and was honest enough with myself to recognise I needed to do something about what I ate rather than how much I exercised.

I found all manner of information on the internet, in books and from amateur experts. There is a lot of it, and a lot of it is contradictory. Frankly I didn’t feel qualified to put the various pieces of information together in a way that would give me a programme that worked, so I decided to turn to an expert.

I found Sarah Grant through www.nutritionist-resource.org.uk, and seeking her out was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Right from the first contact her approach inspired confidence. She set out by listening to me, learning about what I wanted to achieve (and how much I wanted to achieve it), what I ate, why I ate, how I felt, what made me feel good, what made me feel bad, and took the time to study my diet as it was then.

From this she diagnosed my issue and proposed an approach to address this, and one that would also work with my personality and lifestyle. She then worked with me to make the transition, not by imposing a strict regime but by making a series of adjustments that allowed me to adapt over the space of a few weeks.

She has never once talked to me about calorie counting. Her approach has been to get me to a healthy approach to nutrition that works for me, and the calories would look after themselves.

Along the way she also took the time to explain the science behind the changes I was making in a way that was easy to digest (no pun) and allowed me to understand why my new “system” was working. I think this has been one of the most important tools Sarah has given me as it means I can now make good food decisions in all situations rather than relying on a rigid prescribed plan.

I’m now 12 weeks in and I’ve lost 10kg. I’m really pleased with this but it isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of things I’ve gained. My key health indicators are now in a healthy range; I’m fitter and able to exercise longer and harder; I sleep better; and believe it or not I actually enjoy food more.  

The best thing though is the way I feel. I simply would not have believed how much better this switch to clean eating would make me feel. I feel well all the time, I’m full of energy, I have a more positive outlook (although I’m pretty optimistic anyway), and I’m better to be around.

This is the real payback, and if I ever need motivation to stick at it this will be it. The weight loss is just a positive side effect, although I do quite enjoy shopping for clothes that look good rather than just disguise the bulges!

The thing is I don’t really need the motivation. My approach to nutrition has changed completely and permanently. I started getting payback within a couple of weeks of starting and since then it’s never once occurred to me to have a “blow-out” or a “treat”.  I don’t see it as a regime I need to work at and stick to, or a discomfort I must endure to get a result. It’s just what I do now.

As an illustration bread used to me my big thing. I loved bread and ate it at every opportunity and at most meals. Sarah worked out it wasn’t doing me much good, and when she first recommended I cut it right back I laughed out loud. This was a step to far and something that just wasn’t going to happen. But it did, and I don’t miss it at all. Now I keep bread in the freezer because a loaf lasts me so long!

Thanks to Sarah I have a system that I trust and enough knowledge to make good decisions about my nutrition. I know it works, and that if I do the right things then then right things will happen.

I can’t recommend Sarah Grant highly enough. If you feel you’d like to do something about your weight or wellness but don’t know how to start then get in touch with her. An email or phone call is free and easy, and involves no commitment other than a few minutes of your time. And it might just change your life.

- Ian Pickering, Kenilworth, Warwickshire


Sarah has a really special approach. She wants to know about you, your life, your habits, your emotions before discussing your diet. Actually, she won’t give you a diet, she will give you an opportunity to change your life.

By following her guidance, you will see physical and mental changes. Before working with her, I was following restricted diets and feeling bad about my body image.

After our first sessions, things started getting easier, specially because of her smoothness and kindness. She is like one of those sensible friends that you always like to listen to: always ready to give you advice or even pleasantly pulling your ear, but in a positive and supportive way.

After our 12-weeks, I became more confident and stopped worrying about my food choices. I highly recommend Sarah.

- Camila Hardy, Egham, Surrey



Safe to say Sarah has had a hugely positive impact on not only my health but my outlook on nutrition, life and wellbeing. I suffered with bloating and Ibs for years and without Sarah I don’t think I ever would’ve uncovered the root cause. I feel so much better now and although it’s still a journey I’ve taken on so much advice and teachings. It was hard work and I was sceptical on the new findings but I feel like a new person, comfortable in my body and happy!

- Aneesha Johal, Ascot, Berkshire



After completing the ‘Food and Spirit’ journey with Sarah Grant at Gut Reaction I’m so much more aware of how everything we eat and put into our bodies has such an impact on our physical and mental health. Learning about all the Chakras in detail has been so interesting and really made me assess what I’ve been doing to my body that only I can change.

If you’re having any gut issues or struggling with nutrition I highly recommend seeing if this can help you too. Sarah is amazing at what she does... she really does spread the light.✨

- Suzanne Cornick-Pearce, Bracknell, Berkshire



I’ve done every diet ever invented and thought I knew everything there was to know about how to eat healthily. Sarah taught me so much about the foods that were particularly good (and bad) for me and where I was going wrong. She showed me how much I actually didn’t know about eating for good health and how important this is when losing weight, rather than just keeping calories to a minimum.

The result? I have so much more energy, I feel better, my skin is not dry any longer, my hair is much more shiny and smooth and I’ve lost weight! Sarah has put me on a new track for life. She is lovely to work with and makes the process enjoyable while helping you stick to your healthy goals.”

- Mary Keeley, Executive Coach and Communications Specialist, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire



"Over the last couple of years I’d suffered from a number of health issues including Shingles, low immune, stress & hormone related problems. I had a high cholesterol level of 7.5 which was surprising as I didn’t eat the things normally associated with it.

Thinking it must be genetic but wanting to avoid Statins, I put myself on a self imposed fat free diet for 3 months. I lost a stone and ‘successfully’ reduced my Cholesterol to an ‘acceptable’ 6.4.  However, it wasn’t sustainable and I didn’t look or feel well.

Exercising regularly,  I would often suffer dizzy and light headed episodes and have big ‘sugar drops’! I ate little and often to manage the sugar drops following what was considered a generally healthy diet!

Following a routine blood test this summer, I was advised that my cholesterol had gone up slightly but more importantly my blood glucose level was so high I was at risk of type 2 diabetes. I was really shocked. It just didn’t make sense, I rarely ate sugary foods or drinks and rarely drank more than one unit of alcohol a week. I also exercised a minimum of 3 to 4 times a week.

I’d met Sarah at a networking event earlier in the year where she’d given an excellent talk about health and nutrition. I’d admired her strongly scientific yet holistic approach and decided it was time to give her a call!

Sarah listened to me, heard my confusion, looked at my food diary, and assured me that with a few minor changes she was confident that I could reduce both my glucose and cholesterol levels.

She gave me a plan to follow, including recipes and suggested some new cookery books that were family friendly too. She was available when I needed help or advice and was supportive throughout the process.

Over 10 weeks my cholesterol level reduced to 5.4 the lowest its ever been (despite eating healthy full fats!) and my glucose levels are normal!

Sarah changed the type of carbohydrates that I eat, and increased the protein and healthy fats. All are easily sustainable lifelong changes. I no longer need snacks to stop sugar drops as I simply don’t get them anymore! I’ve lost 3/4 of a stone which wasn’t necessarily a goal but a healthy bonus, and I have so much more energy.

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. I was genuinely astounded and delighted to have achieved such amazing results. Thank you so much Sarah.

- Nicky Robinson, Solihull



What was life like for you before we started working together?

Mostly one of frustration,  Having researched a lot of information and carried out a number of tests, and also seen 4 other dieticians/nutritionists as well as GPs and a gastro enterologist, it was about trying to find a root cause, or at least a way to manage the symptoms

How would you describe your experience of working with me?

It was great to work with someone who had themselves been in the same position.  Your approach is very methodological so that I could understand what particular areas we were testing and how each piece of information was part of a jigsaw.  I learned that it wasn't one particular thing that was the cause but a whole range of different contributing elements.  Also, that I have patterns of behaviour which are hard to change after so many years, but that also may be contributing to the problem.

What results have you achieved that you are most happy about?

Probably the results of the various tests in building a picture of the different aspects to look at.  Also the discussion and detailed analysis of my diet and what impact that may be having.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with me? 

I'd highly recommend you as someone who is both very approachable, with a highly personal and caring approach that also has a scientific, rational approach looking at a wide variety of methods to get to the bottom of the problem.

- Diane Jones, Warwickshire 



A friend recommended Sarah when I was struggling to find the help I needed to get better.  I have a digestive disorder and a chronic episode left me in pain, exhausted and feeling lost.  

Meeting Sarah and talking to her about the difficulties I was experiencing in a safe, supportive and open environment enabled her to analyse, report and make recommendations to help me get better.

Sarah is great at explaining things in a way you can understand and has a great drive and desire to find a solution that is right for you.  

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah, her knowledge, compassion, friendliness and caring approach to help make people better is outstanding.  

Knowing that she is always there if I need anything is a great comfort and without her I wouldn’t have come as far as I have.  I can’t thank her enough for the help, support and advice she has given me…she has made my quality of life so much better than it was, and for that I will be forever grateful."

- Sarah R, Worcester



Sarah Grant has been a godsend and after suffering from IBS for 10+ years, it has been eye opening spending time with her.

Through the NHS I had been advised to look at the major culprits such as wheat, dairy and gluten. Sarah took things a step further and introduced me to the concept of FODMAPs which introduced me to new theories, and I discovered intolerances which I would never have considered before.

Sarah helped me work through food groups and although it takes time to identify your intolerant food groups she is there with continuous encouragement.

Sarah will take an in depth history and work with your personal needs and lifestyle. What is also refreshing is Sarah's passion for using natural supplements; not to cure you, but aid digestion and compliment your FODMAP process.

I am never good with words when it comes down to thinking of writing my experiences down, but be patient and Sarah is behind you all the way!!!!!!"

- Amelia Lamb, Worcester


I started working with Sarah because I wanted to improve my running times. I knew a fair amount about nutrition but had a few psychological things holding me back from putting it into practice. Sarah's sessions dealt with the emotional barriers I had so she could re-connect me with eating well. She also expanded my knowledge of nutrition and suggested supplements and an eating plan to fit my specific needs.

I cannot rate her highly enough. Following my 8 week plan I am putting the theory into practice and making better choices for myself and my running times!! For me it was about changing my mindset and Sarah's support and guidance empowered me to do that for myself :-)

- Sarah Windrum, Leamington Spa



When I first met with Sarah I was at an all time low! I was lacking in energy, had painful facial acne, and felt like I'd tried just about everything (including endless antibiotics) to get me back on track, but nothing seemed to work! But within less than three months not only has my skin cleared up and my energy returned but I've learnt a huge amount about how my body responds to certain foods and supplements.

I train 4-5 times a week and working with Sarah has helped me to take my training and physique to a whole new level!

Whether you have a particular health issue, or just want to learn how to improve your overall health and wellbeing, everyone can benefit from Sarah's knowledge and expertise!

- Kate Swinson, Avon Dassett



What was life like for you before we started working together? 

I was struggling with how to manage a balanced diet with lots of allergies and a job which requires a lot of travelling. I was struggling with my weight and fatigue as well as a host of GI symptoms caused by a diet high in fat and lacking in nutrients. 

How would you describe your experience of working with me?

You took a flexible, empathetic approach. The amount of different odd factors in my case must have made it feel really challenging but you dealt with it impeccably.

I didn’t feel like you were trying to give me something off the shelf, you built something which worked with my limitations and around my lifestyle.

Given I had a number of health curveballs in our time working together this meant the goal posts changed for us both a lot but you were kind, compassionate and helpful throughout. Thank you so much.

What results have you achieved that you are most happy about?

My energy levels are so much better as a result of making lots of small changes that have added up to a big difference in quality of life. My hair and nails are healthy and now empowered to understand where I’ll need long term supplementation and where I can make my diet work for me by cooking a more balanced but delicious meal.  

I’m most proud of having the ability to turn down crisps now. I have them once a month at the most now. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with me? 

To focus on what you want to achieve and to be open minded about suggestions on different ways of eating or different recipes. 

- Lauren Bevan, Warwickshire



I had spent a number of years trying to get my diet right to suit my active lifestyle which had resulted in issues such as low energy, difficulties on a hormonal level and sitting at weight that wasn't right for my body.

All it took for me was one consultation with Sarah, through her individual, detailed approach and expert knowledge I came away with a great understanding of what exactly I needed to do to rectify my concerns.

Sarah formed a clear action plan for me to implement straight away and within one month I saw massive changes, achieving what I had been trying to do for years!!

I cant thank Sarah enough for the help and support that she has given me and I would highly recommend her services!

Big thank you Sarah

- Aine Gallager, Birmingham



I really enjoy working with Sarah. She is the first nutritionist I met, who did not try to put together a diet plan that I know would not work in my busy life. Instead, I have been provided with a lot of information about how can I make simple changes in my habits that will not only reduce my weight but lead to healthy lifestyle.

Sarah is and inspirational person, professional and knowledgeable and I am very pleased I have found her. I am looking forward to future cooperation and seeing the end results!’

- Agnieszka, Leamington Spa



Sarah is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, she offers an excellent individualised service, with the program very much tailored to the client's needs.  

Once I began following her recommendations I started seeing positive results within just a few days and at the end of the program I felt like a completely different person! I would definitely recommend Gut Reaction! Thanks again Sarah."

- Mark Fraczek, Leamington Spa



"I first went to see Sarah as I was constantly feeling tired with low energy levels, which I suspected were diet related.  Sarah went through a thorough assessment of my diet and lifestyle and soon highlighted the need to reduce my sugar intake.  Her simple explanation helped me to understand the harmful effects of excess sugar and supported this with easy to understand literature.

The simple changes she recommended were easy to make and the results were soon noticeable. A secondary benefit was a loss of weight. I would definitely recommend Sarah."

- Mark Ritchie, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire



"I had put up with irregular bowel habits for so long I thought it was normal ... an indepth quetsionnaire and most professional consultation with Sarah revealed a potential magnesium deficiency. A minor shift in eating habits as recommended and the correct supplement and I am sorted! Thank you Sarah!"

- J. Reed, Shipston-on-Stour, Cotswolds



Meeting up with Sarah has changed my life. I had been suffering for years and after just one consultation with Sarah and implementing the changes to my diet she recommended, I felt much better within a few days. My problems have now all gone. It all seemed so simple. Thank you SO much Sarah.

- Diane James, Kenilworth



"Sarah's in-depth, sensitive and highly professional approach led us to discover an underlying problem which has troubled me for years.

I have no hesitation in recommending an initial consultation with Sarah and a course of treatment in order to establish the best way for you to assess and resolve your condition and improve your quality of life Thank you!"

- Rebecca Vaughan, Warwick



I contacted Sarah after suffering with stomach and gut troubles for a while. She has helped me to understand the causes of the issues, and is highly knowledgeable on how different areas of the body are linked, and at the effects of small, targeted changes.

By instituting a diet plan, Sarah has helped me to feel myself again. Whilst I am not fully cured, her advice has allowed me to manage my symptoms, and to feel more awake and clear-headed in the mornings. As an added bonus, I'm losing weight!

Sarah is very approachable and friendly, and goes the extra mile outside of consultations in working to find the best personally tailored solution. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with digestive or dietary issues.

- David Newstead, Warwickshire