Each programme will be personally tailored and delivered step-by-step to ensure that all the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations truly fit with your unique needs, lifestyle and goals.

Support is available from £450 to £2,000 depending on the level and intensity of support you require. 


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It may be that you have tolerated poor health for sometime, are fatigued or struggling with unresolved or chronic health complaints affecting your digestive system, the condition of your skin, your energy levels, mood, libido, hormone balance, cardiovascular health, sleep or immune system. 

Your busy or stressful lifestyle may have directly impacted your health and wellbeing, or your capacity to address signs and symptoms as they have emerged, or perhaps your GP has warned you of risk factors for chronic disease and you are ready to take stock. 


You want to reclaim your health and wellbeing, restore balance to your body, uplift your mood so you can live life to fullest.

You may also suspect modifiable diet and lifestyle factors may be contributing to physical reactions such as allergies, food sensitivities, IBS, irregular bowel habits, constipation, diarrhoea, excessive gas, bloating, painful cramping, indigestion, acid reflux, or other symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. 


Restoring or maximising the health of the gastrointestinal tract is central to my approach to helping anyone with a chronic health condition. A compromised digestive system can play out over the entire body, potentially leading to much more than symptoms of digestive distress alone. 

Working with me, you will learn to nourish your body best for your personal needs through considered and manageable changes, so you can feel well and vital everyday.

You will develop a new recognition of the impact of your daily diet and lifestyle on your health and wellbeing. We may choose to utilise clinical tests, such as those highlighted below, to achieve a deeper insight into the underlying factors which may be contributing to your symptoms. 

This information will be used to guide us in both refining your daily diet to best suit your personal needs, as well as guiding the choice of any advanced nutritional and supplement strategies we may choose to follow to help you therapeutically rebalance your body. 

Taking a holistic approach, we will also consider the impact of your broader lifestyle habits, emotional wellbeing and stress management, so you can take steps to address any weak areas identified.

As you will appreciate, everyone is different and dependent on the nature and severity of your symptoms/condition and rate of improvement, the timeframe to restore your health may be shorter or longer - and my aim is always to help you feel best supported through the process.  

Examples of recommended tests we may consider  

Comprehensive Digestive Analysis and gut flora profiling to identify and support weaknesses in gastrointestinal health; Hormone balance profiles (including adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones); Cardiovascular health marker testing; Food sensitivity and allergy panels; Hair mineral analysis to help identify toxicity and deficiency.