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If you're struggling with weight gain, poor body image, bloating or low energy levels, your Gut may be trying to tell you something is amiss. It’s time to rethink your lifestyle and relationship with food. But old habits and beliefs can be hard to shift on your own. 

Gut Reaction brings together the latest in nutritional science, mind-body wellbeing coaching and digestive health expertise, with a personalised, practical approach designed to free you from chronic or niggling complaints and enable you to get into your best shape, inside and out. All whilst creating a vibrant diet and lifestyle that you love.

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A gutsy philosophy

Central to my philosophy is the concept that eating should be one of the most enjoyable areas of life and that an authentic relationship with what we eat and lifelong healthy habits can be learnt.

I have a special interest in the role of our unique digestive systems in our health, and adhere to my mantra that"real food is at the core of gut health, and gut health is at the core of wellbeing".

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“I knew a fair amount about nutrition but had a few psychological things holding me back from putting it into practice. Sarah’s sessions dealt with the emotional barriers I had so she could re-connect me with eating well.”
— Sarah Windrum
“I can’t recommend Sarah Grant highly enough. If you feel you’d like to do something about your weight or wellness but don’t know how to start then get in touch with her... it might just change your life.”

— Ian Pickering

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