Gut Reaction brings together the latest techniques in nutritional science and combines this expertise with a highly personalised, practical approach designed to help you reconnect with healthy habits and achieve your health goals.

Working together, we can unlock the secrets in your genetic code, reveal the specific impact of your personal food and lifestyle choices on your wellbeing, develop your body confidence, and embed new ways to approaching meal planning and preparation to nurture and nourish your Gut.

I would love to help.  Read on to find out how.


Health Discovery introductory offer

What do your genes want you to eat? 

If you are ready to take a step towards optimal wellbeing, then join me for a Health Discovery session comprising a DNA test and an in-depth consultation to review the results, learn what your body really needs to thrive, and agree a focussed action plan to help move you towards a vibrant future.

A Health Discovery session starts at £315.

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A gutsy philosophy


I have a special interest in the role of our unique digestive systems in our health and wellbeing, and adhere to my mantra that"real food is at the core of gut healthand gut health is at the core of wellbeing".

At the core of my philosophy is the concept that eating should be one of the most pleasurable areas of life and that a healthy relationship with what we eat and lifelong healthy habits can be learnt.

Why it takes Guts »


Because you want to look and feel at your very best, inside and out. You'd love to perform optimally at work and play, be confident in your body, age well and reduce your risk factors for chronic disease for life-long health and wellbeing.

You are ready to address niggling health complaints such as failing energy levels, fatigue, poor digestion, stubborn weight issues, hormone imbalances, aches, pains or skin conditions. 

Whether your personal interest and challenge is in preventative or restorative health, I can help you to create a healthy diet and lifestyle that you love and manage your health and wellbeing with greater precision. 



Health and wellbeing transformation works best when both mind and body are supported. That is why my highly personalised and committed approach is a unique combination of:

  • Evidenced-based nutritional therapy expertise, with an emphasis on supporting a healthy gut, so you can make more intelligent dietary and nutritional choices
  • Step-by-step coaching support to help you create a positive mindset around food and eating well, learn to eat more intuitively, and to make change real for you by helping you easily embed sustainable, enjoyable habits into your busy life.

What is your gut telling you today?