Personalised programmes


I offer three broad support programmes, delivered on a one-to-one basis in person or remotely, and devised to address the major areas of concern for my clients. 

Each programme is personally tailored to put the emphasis where you need it most. See below for more information and please talk to me to discuss your needs. Single personal Nutrition & Wellbeing Reviews are also available on request.

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Transform your body shape and relationship with food

Lose weight and reduce body fat whilst simultaneously stabilising blood sugar, building back your body confidence, nurturing a more positive relationship with food and creating lasting habits for life-long success.


Restore harmony to your digestive health

Reclaim your health and wellbeing, restore balance to your body and gut health, uplift your mood and learn to nourish your body best for your personal needs through considered and manageable changes.



Reenergise your habits to optimise wellbeing

Strengthen and streamline your body, feel in peak physical condition, slow down the ageing process and carry a radiant glow from the inside-out.