Monthly Self-Care Planner


Your free 31-Day Self-CARE PLANNER

“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.” Christopher Germer

Looking after one’s self is at the heart of health, mindset and overall enjoyment of life. What’s more, when we have a robust ‘self-care toolbox’, we’re far less likely to over-use food as a crux when times are tough.

Yet, I find with many of my clients, their own self-care is an area of real imbalance in their lives, because they haven’t made the time for themselves, or are always expanding outwards with their love towards others, but rarely directing their attention inward.

As both a reminder of the value of a little self-care and for inspiration on where to start, I’m gifting a beautiful two-page calendar, loaded with 31-days’ of simple but effective, nourishing activities, hints and tips to help you take care of you - body, heart and mind.

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Follow along day-by-day or simply pick and choose the ideas that you’re drawn to - the important thing is to create the space for you.

And look out for the interactive links to videos on the PDF!

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