Second chance resolutions today

Second chance resolutions today

Two weeks into 2019 and how are the resolutions holding up?

I hope you're doing great! But, if you've come to a realisation that the sweeping resolutions you ambitiously set for January 1st might have been a bit vague, unrealistic or just plain unsatisfying, and think you might benefit from an alternative approach, then this is for you.

Read on to hear why January 14th is a second chance to manifest the positive change you really want. And why you might want to consider 2019 as a year of intuition...

I’ve personally never been one for New Year resolutions, I’ve always thought that if there is something I want to set my mind to, then why not start straight away with a realistic goal, rather than a loaded New Year whim. I didn't really get the point of a having fuzzy goal e.g. “this year I'm to get more healthy”, without really breaking down what this means and why it's important. And as for giving specific things up just because I think I 'should', well, that just makes me want whatever it is I'm supposed to be ditching even more!

So, when I hear talk of New Year Resolutions I've always been a little cynical. BUT, this year I've decided to rethink my approach. Symbolically, I think the turn of the year really can be a good time to break from old habits and set meaningful, manageable and fulfilling intentions. But, let’s not get too wed to January 1st, when everyday is a fresh opportunity to bring in some positive change.

Here's my three steps to wellbeing resolution success (whatever the time of year you decide to start):

  1. Choose a resolution you really know will ENRICH your life.

  2. Sense check it - does it excite you? Motivate you? Is it realistic? Is it specific enough to focus on? If not, what can you do to tweak it so it ticks these boxes (at least 8/10!)

  3. Commit positively. Any resistant thoughts pop up? Exercise the power of positive thought to try nip negativity in the bud. Thinking really can make it so.

Hopefully you've got some ideas bubbling, but if you’re looking for a little inspiration this January 14th, then here are three of my favourite resolution ideas which I was excited to share:


If you believe that everything that matters happens right now in the present moment, then ensuring you turn off your notifications, log out of social media mayhem and focus your undivided attention on the people around you is a must this year.

Being present not only improves your own sense of wellbeing, capacity to be enjoy the here and now, and generally channel your efforts more efficiently and effectively, but it can positively impact the lives of the people around you, and their actions in turn affect others. Be present, sprinkle a little star dust and watch the ripple affect...


If you feel overwhelmed by 'stuff' (and let's face it, that as lovely as it is to receive gifts, sometimes the sheer materialism of Christmas can have that affect), then make 2019 a year of making space for what's REALLY important in your life. After all, ‘stuff’ won’t make you happy; but people, places, and experiences will.

Donating clothes you don’t wear to charity, giving away the books you don’t read or the old CDs you don’t listen to, sorting old paperwork, or streamlining the inbox are all hugely cathartic exercises, freeing up mental and physical energy.


If you've had mixed success addressing health or weight challenges in the past, then I encourage you to use your intuition as your guide in 2019.

We all have gut feelings about what really works for our health and our bodies, but we also have a tendency to lose touch with them in the midst of life-busyness, media messages, the voices of our peers and more.

But if you stop and pay attention, you can use your use your inner wisdom as a guiding compass this year - whether it be to help you make the kind of food or lifestyle choices you know will serve you best, or even picking the kind of support you might benefit from along the way. Incidentally, 1 and 2 will massively help you better tune into the subtle voice of your intuition!

So here's to enriching resolutions and intuition - I hope that 2019 is everything you dreamed of and more.

Good health begins as a thought

Good health begins as a thought

Zzzzz.... are you getting yours?

Zzzzz.... are you getting yours?