Living in Full Flow

Living in Full Flow

Together with Sleek Technique, I have just co-created a rich and energising new online programme for their clients, called ‘Living in Full Flow’, which mindfully and elegantly supports wellbeing through movement, nutrition and daily mind-body reflections.

Sleek are an online ballet-based fitness team who love to support their followers’ wellbeing in the best ways possible. In Living in Full Flow we have combined the wisdom of Food & Spirit™, the holistic system of health and nutrition that I work with at Gut Reaction, a fresh and colourful eating flexible eating planner, and beautifully paired workouts designed to increase the strength, tone and energy flow to each area of the body and the corresponding chakras.

Food & Spirit™ draws on latest in science-based functional medicine together with the wisdom of the seven chakras, to provide a meaningful, colourful framework to contextualise health and the many layers that make up our being, and helps empower people to address all aspects of their nutrition and wellbeing. It teaches the true meaning of ‘eating the rainbow’ and how a spectrum of real foods helps nurture a happy gut and provides the body and mind with the spectrum of essential nutrients it needs to thrive.

  • Looking to radiate more energy and confidence in the way you move? Work on your Solar Plexus.

  • Aches and pains affecting your lower body or back? Time to give attention to your Root.

  • Wish you could move through difficult emotions with more fluidity? Explore your Solar plexus or belly chakra.

  • Challenges with sleep impacting your rest and recovery time? The solution may lie with your Third Eye.

If you’re interested in ballet fitness or you’d like to find out more about Living in Full Flow, check out the details here over at Sleek Technique’s website.

And if you’d like to find out more about how a one-to-one personalised nutrition and wellbeing programme based on the Food & Spirit™ approach could help you to optimise your health and energy levels, please contact me to find out more or check out my core programmes here.

Talking gut health and inflammation at Reboot

Talking gut health and inflammation at Reboot